I do not know how to be anything but a scribe; let me then be a scribe trained for the Kingdom of Heaven. And as in our treasurehouses there should be both old things and new, so also should there be both domestic things and imported.

Fleeing Egypt and abandoning that land to judgment and destruction, the children of Israel nevertheless did not disdain to ask the Egyptians for their goods, or to take what their oppressors in a moment of inspired or gentlemanly openhandedness offered them. For the Fathers of the Church, this event has always served as a type of the proper Christian relation to secular learning — and like the Israelites they have not hesitated to receive whatever good gifts their enemies give them. For a Christian, secure in the faith that the god of this world has been defeated, it is no contradiction to turn the master’s tools against the master’s house.

The only question is how to do so rightly, how to do so strategically.

My hope, reader, is that on this website I will be able to make small contributions to our understanding of that question: to more carefully draw the borders of what we fight for, and what against; to distinguish between those who enter the enemy’s temples to offer incense, and those who enter to steal his arms.

In this project your corrections and commentary are needed and welcome.

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